Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaks at the Republican National Convention on July 19 in Cleveland. The younger Trump is expected in Jackson on Monday for a fundraiser.

From the plains to the mountains, Wyoming is filled with hard-working and God-loving Americans, and the people of Wyoming are those who make up the backbone of our country. I love Wyoming, and that is why I believe that a strong, effective and conservative leader will help keep Wyoming successful and free.

The best man for this job is Wyoming businessman and proven leader, Foster Friess. Foster embodies the leadership skills necessary to run a prosperous and efficient Wyoming that puts its people first. My father needs a fighter by his side in Wyoming, someone who is committed to enacting his America First agenda and I know that Foster will fight tooth and nail to help make that a reality.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Foster Friess that I know.

I was introduced to Foster in 2016 through our mutual friend, the head of the country’s largest student-organization, Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk.

Following my father clinching the Republican nomination, there was a short period where some conventional sources of funding had not yet opened up to us, but Foster was right there when we needed him and helped open the door to other early adopters in the donor community. His generous early support helped make it possible for us to fund our ongoing grassroots mobilization operation in states like Iowa, Michigan and Ohio.

Foster stepped up when we needed him most and made a real difference in my father’s campaign, and for that I will always be grateful.

He had our back in 2016 and I’m proud now to have his back as he runs for Governor of Wyoming.

Foster also knows what it is like to come from nothing and build something great. Foster saw his parents work tirelessly to achieve the American dream and to ensure a better future for him and his family. Foster became the first member of his family to graduate college and then went on to serve our country in the U.S. Army as an infantry Captain.

Hailed as one of this generations top ten greatest investors by Forbes, he and his wife started their business with eight hundred dollars and grew it into a successful firm that currently manages over $15 billion.

And now Foster wants to bring this same type of success to the entire state of Wyoming.

Wyoming is stronger than ever with a President who loves and supports the coal industry, and Foster Friess will be a partner in helping expand Wyoming coal into new markets. Foster wants to see jobs brought to Wyoming across the board, in all industries. President Trump fights for America’s workers and Foster Friess will fight for all of Wyoming’s workers.

He supported my father during the campaign and has continued to stand by him, defending the President from the liberal media. I know he will work with my father to make Wyoming great.

Like me, Foster has a passion for the Second Amendment and that’s why he has earned a 100% pro-gun conservative rating from the NRA. He is a committed conservative who puts his money where his mouth is. When the NRA was under attack from the far left and Hollywood, Foster stood up and offered $2.5-million dollars to support school safety policies that were focused on protecting kids instead of infringing on our Second Amendment rights.

Foster Friess has always fought for the little guy. He’s not part of the swamp. He’s following in my father’s footsteps and not accepting any special interest money. Most importantly, he’s a successful businessman, not a career politician.

Foster’s sole focus is to protect your money and to fight for the teachers, the welders, the nurses and every single hard-working family in Wyoming.

I know the type of leader who will put their people first and the type of leader it takes to build and sustain great success. Foster Friess is that leader. I am proud to endorse Foster Friess as the candidate who will fight for the working men, women and families in Wyoming.

He will be a true partner to President Trump in pursuing the Make America Great Again agenda and that’s why I’m asking all of my father’s supporters to vote on August 21st for a proven leader and friend, Foster Friess.

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