Gov. Mark Gordon and his wife, Jennie, address attendees of the inauguration gala at Little America on Jan. 7 in Cheyenne. 

On Monday, Wyoming’s newest governor swore his oath of office and gave an inaugural address. The event was one that aimed to celebrate all of Wyoming – not just the voters who cast their ballots for Mark Gordon.

It’s encouraging to see our new leader start his tenure off with inclusivity. And it bodes well for the future of Wyoming under his leadership. Wyoming needs a leader who won’t just govern to and for his own base, but rather by what’s best for the state as a whole, a practice that isn’t as common as one might hope in today’s politics. Moreover, Gordon has appointed a Democrat to lead the Department of Health.

Gordon was victorious in a Republican primary against many candidates who, it did not appear, would have run as inclusive an administration. We hope Gordon’s inauguration sets the tone for the next four years to come.

In Gordon’s speech, he outlined his priorities for the next four years. We’re glad to see that he is committed to finding a sustainable solution to our education funding crisis and that he’s planning to continue the work of Endow in diversifying the economy.

And while we are not certain what Governor Gordon means by his statements about finding a Wyoming solution to health care, we believe he deserves the benefit of the doubt and look forward to learning his intentions soon.

As Gordon’s first term gets underway, so does the Legislature’s general session. And the role of the governor is a critical one during the next two months. Gordon will need to demonstrate pragmatism and leadership throughout the session. His participation will be essential in focusing our often divided Legislature.

Gordon said it himself – Wyoming is facing some complicated times. But Wyoming’s people elected him because they believed he was the best man to lead us through the challenges.

We hope that throughout his tenure, Gordon and his administration will exercise transparency and openness. And we wish him success as he grows and develops as Wyoming’s chief executive.

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