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Casper Post Office

A customer leaves the Casper Post Office's downtown branch on Monday afternoon. The Casper City Council is considering a resolution requesting a new post office for the city's west side.

Representing constituents is the core duty of elected officials. And local leaders are often the best poised to do that; they serve a smaller fraction of people than their federal and state counterparts. And they’re as much a part of the community they serve as their voters.

A west Casper resident recently asked the City Council for just such representation. And we’re glad that the Council is providing it.

West Casper resident Brian Clark took issue with the recent closure of a contract postal unit in the Smith’s grocery store, the only post office on that side of town, and he approached the City Council about it. He asked that they consider the plight of west side residents who are now forced to go to the small Mills branch or drive up to 10 miles one way to the main office. He asked that they help him get a post office on the west side.

Clark didn’t just approach the Council with his own personal concerns; rather, he brought over 200 signatures from west-side residents supporting the resolution for a new post office.

He felt there was a problem within his community. So he went door-to-door to learn how his neighbors felt about the lack of easy access to postal services for west-side residents. And when they shared the same concerns, he approached his local leaders for help.

He acted civilly and democratically to find a solution to a problem. And we applaud him.

Creating a new post office would require action from the federal government. But the Council can support a resolution asking our federal delegation to take action.

And isn’t that exactly how government should work? Local representatives petitioning our federal delegation on behalf of the needs of their community?

We’re glad the City Council has done just that.

A new west-side post office is an entirely viable outcome; if the needs of those residents are clarified to the powers that be, there’s no reason their request shouldn’t be given serious consideration.

We hope the federal government follows up on the request and approves the new post office. The long distance that some west siders now have to drive to drop off and pick up mail is a hardship, especially on older folks or those without reliable transportation.

Even if the west side of town doesn’t receive a new post office in the near future, we’re encouraged by this example of local government acting on behalf of its constituents. It’s the right thing to do.


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