Editorial board: To everyone who has stepped up in the coronavirus fight, thank you
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Editorial board: To everyone who has stepped up in the coronavirus fight, thank you

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School Lunches

Beth Herden helps coordinate and hand out breakfast and lunch bags to families through the Natrona County School District on Monday at the Boys and Girls Club in Casper.

Thank you.

To the health care providers working countless hours to treat an influx of patients, thank you.

To the public health and government officials devoted to managing this crisis, thank you.

To the communication teams who continue to keep the public informed, thank you.

To the volunteers who are picking up the slack, to the workers who are keeping businesses open, to the emergency responders who haven’t stopped protecting our communities, to our neighbors and friends who have stepped up, thank you.

The past few weeks have seen one unprecedented moment after another. Schools are closed. Bars, coffee shops and hair salons are shut down. People have lost jobs. Our medical system is straining to keep up with testing and treatment.

Wyoming, and the rest of our country, have taken a historically powerful punch from coronavirus. And yet here we are, still standing. Our businesses are devising new ways to get their goods to customers. Our teachers are finding ways to educate by computer. Our medical system is devising novel approaches to care for patients despite the challenges.

And for all of those reasons and more, we say thank you. It would have been easy for us to let our worst impulses of fear and selfishness reign. It would have been easy to simply hoard supplies and duck and cover until this is over.

But that’s not what’s happening here in Wyoming. Overwhelmingly, people have remained calm. Overwhelmingly, they’ve remained generous and caring and thoughtful and all of the other qualities that one should possess in times of crisis.

And not only that. People all around us are going above and beyond to keep us healthy, to keep us safe, and to keep us informed.

Surely, there are more challenges to come. The difficulties we’ve faced in the past three weeks aren’t over. But as we meet the obstacles ahead, we can do so with the knowledge that our community, our towns and our state possess the character to not only take whatever punch is thrown, but to continue the fight.

And so as we prepare to enter another week of uncertainty, we say again: Thank you, Wyoming.

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