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Bailey: Our choice has already been made

Bailey: Our choice has already been made



I see that our Wyoming triumvirate in Washington has selected Ms. Lummis as our new senator. It is nice to know that we don't have to think about our choice for the office. Her coronation will come after the primary election in August. Why we even bother to vote is beyond me as the choice has been made for us. And think of the money wasted on the electioneering. We could spend it much more wisely somewhere else, like infrastructure.

She will bring to Wyoming manufacturing jobs? (Perhaps a Tesla plant or Space X construction facility?) She will back a president that has created a trade war with China so that we can continue to subsidize our farmers and ranchers to the tune of several billion dollars? (Most of this went to large agribusiness companies.) Gonna reduce the national debt? How does any of this affect the workers in Wyoming that are looking for jobs in Wyoming? Doesn't she know that COVID-19 has required massive spending by the government to support the very voters that she wants to put her in the Senate?

Does she even understand what goes on here? Lets wrap our arms around the First Amendment and Second Amendment and sing the National Anthem and call it done. The chosen one will be happy.

What are we thinking of at all?



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