If Mark Jenkins and Martha Tate, of Laramie ("Allowing division is unpatriotic"), would take time to re-read their Aug. 25 manifesto they would have no need to wonder why Democrats are not taken seriously in Wyoming. Why it took two of you to regurgitate these tired socialist talking points will forever be a mystery.

Clearly the squad of 4 you refer to are the ones who hate America, not President Trump. Second, your references to President Trump “giving new voice” to named hate groups is absurd as they are your people, the democratic socialists. Third, your “woke” jumble of thoughts seems to totally ignore the ideals that most Wyomingites embrace as we continue to show tolerance for lifestyles and ideologies foreign to our values.

Your letter “spews” volumes of personal bigotry, bias, hatred and intolerance that has taken on the pall of a clear and present danger to the foundation of our America.

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Everything is the fault of others and your only mantra is that your worldview is the only way things can be. Without exception, until hypocrisy changes your narrative like it always does.

The one thing you did get right is that we have an obligation. Yes an obligation. An obligation (your word used many times) to see that your toxic politics are never more than the moronic rant of two bitter, unhinged individuals who have spent way to much time wallowing in academia.

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KEN BALL, Casper



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