Bennett: Narcissistic parents are a problem

Bennett: Narcissistic parents are a problem



Though this specific topic doesn’t apply to me, narcissistic parents within a family are toxic and should be something we are aware of. The challenge of growing up is never easy; it never was supposed to be. But what happens when the difficulty of getting older is outrageously increased by the factor of a narcissistic parent?

Having a narcissistic parent in a family can bring a variety of different challenges for the children as well as the opposing spouse. This is important to understand and to recognize because the effects of the narcissistic parent can have a traumatic influence on their children’s lives. According to Psychology Today, several different families have various results from the infected parent including, “chronic self-blame, echoism, insecure attachment, need-panic, fierce independence, the parentified child, extreme narcissism and PTSD”( “8 Common, Long-Lasting Effects of Narcissistic Parenting”).

All of these different influences have a major impact on all members of the family. It is with extensive research and observation that we become more aware about the children in narcissistic families and give them the attention that they deserve.




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