Beville: Barrasso has become a puppet

Beville: Barrasso has become a puppet



“Take her out, right now, do it!” Sounds threatening, doesn’t it? But that’s what Trump ordered regarding Ambassador Yovanovitch. He’s on tape, no denying it.

And John Barrasso obviously has no problem with that. After all, when is the last time you have heard him denounce Trump’s words or actions? Crickets. Not a word. He has become McConnell’s waterboy and Trump’s minion. He will do whatever it takes to protect this vile, vulgar man who thinks he is king.

Barrasso ignores facts! With the revelation of Bolton’s transcript, he said, Hey, that doesn’t change a thing. Seriously? Doesn’t change a thing. Crickets. A couple of weeks ago he was open to new witnesses. But as soon as he heard what Bolton possibly had to say, he changed his tune. Nope, no witnesses needed, I’ve heard enough he now claims.

Barrasso does whatever it takes to represent his own interests and those of Trump. He refuses to speak truth to power; he’s become a puppet. Is this the type of person we want representing Wyoming? I don’t. I want someone who is independent, thinks for him or herself, and doesn’t go along to get along. And I am so weary of seeing John standing next to or behind McConnell. He needs to stop ridiculing Democrats and reach across the aisle for a change. Oh, but that would require leadership.

So how about, the next time you are at the voting booth, and John Barrasso’s name is on the ballot, why don’t you stop and think: Take him out, right now, do it.

Vote no.



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