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Brasher: Roll up your sleeve

Brasher: Roll up your sleeve

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Have you seen those tractor sprinklers in people’s yards? They’re designed to move themselves across a path (of the hose they’re connected to) with the water flow's pressure gauging their travel across the yard. The path of the hose tells the tractor what parts of the yard to water.

This is like the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) designed to prevent COVID-19 infections.

mRNA technology is not new. Scientists were able to use mRNA technology successfully in mice in 1990. They knew if they could send a message to the ribosomes to make specific proteins, they could “build” proteins that could fight off viruses. Three decades later, mRNA vaccines became a reality. To those of us looking for a COVID-19 vaccine, we were only aware of the last few months of that decades-long process, so it seemed too good to be true. But it’s not! The “mRNA” part of the technology sounds like maybe the vaccine messes with DNA. But it isn’t!

Back to the tractor sprinkler:

The sprinkler goes along the hose. The ribosome goes along the mRNA, and makes a copy of it. Now, sometimes the tractor sprinkler will hit a rock and get bumped off the track-path of the hose. This will cause it to wander around until it runs out of hose. But is the tractor sprinkler going to make it inside your house? I guess if your door is level to your yard, there ain’t a darn thing between the sprinkler and the door, the door is propped wide open, and the sprinkler happens to be going in the door's direction, then…it’s possible. But the mRNA cannot interfere with DNA because the DNA is inside the nucleus of the cell. It’s locked inside the house. The sprinkler cannot get inside. The mRNA is “read” by the ribosome, without it ever entering the nucleus. Once it is read, it is destroyed by the cell. Gone. But now the immune system will recognize COVID-19 as an enemy.

So Wyoming, roll up your sleeves and get the shot!



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