Burrowes: A strange time to be alive

Burrowes: A strange time to be alive



What a weird time on the planet!

I hear tell of a very contagious flu bug flying around. I get it. (Pun intended.) If only I had a fly swatter!

People get sick and die. Sometimes people get run over by trains. That is expected, as a part of our human condition (not to mention the nature of fast-moving trains).

My mother is 102 years old living in a nursing home in Laramie. She’s flat-out going to die of something, but I’m not allowed to visit her? Is this a joke? My mother was born during the last major flu epidemic. She lived through it.

When I learned that Wyoming is a “fence out” state, I was very surprised. I am a Wyoming native, but I didn’t grow up on a ranch. What I do know, is that Bill Gates is not someone I would hire to build me a fence.

I always knew Wyoming as the Equality State. But now we have essentials and non-essentials? Seriously? I beg to differ. I think we are all essential. The word equality means something to me!

This masquerade is getting tiresome. We are human beings, more powerful than we know, if we all stand together. We are strong and resilient, and some people will live and some will die. That’s the way it goes.

Has constitutional law gone south? Did the puppet masters forget that they work for us? I do not consent!

I’d rather die from a hug than to live without one! I do hope that the virus mutates, and that the next symptom is defiance!

I got to hug four people today; living breathing folks who are not afraid.



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