Democrats are downright apoplectic over Donald Trump’s supposed “Russian connection,” claiming the Russians tried to interfere with the election to help defeat Hillary Clinton. Notice, these same Democrats uttered not a peep when Barack Obama asked Putin to help “handle” the WMD problem in Syria, and were mute when Russia invaded Ukraine. During the 2012 presidential campaign, they scoffed at Mitt Romney’s assertion that Russia posed a threat to American geopolitical interests, and looked the other way when Obama personally assured the Russians that he would have “more flexibility” after the 2012 election. Now they see Russian perfidy everywhere!

Democrats and their allies in the “mainstream” media certainly weren’t concerned when one of their patron saints – Sen. Edward Kennedy – secretly approached the Soviets in 1983 and attempted to adversely affect President Ronald Reagan’s re-election plans. After Moscow opened the Soviet files in 1991, a secret 1983 KGB memo was found which documented Kennedy’s offer to set up televised interviews with high-ranking Soviet officials in order to affect American public opinion of Reagan’s policies toward the USSR.

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Quite coincidentally (cough, cough), the American media ignored a 1992 London Times article on the Kennedy-Soviet matter and continue to do so to this day. But now they are joining the Democrats in calling for a congressional investigation of the infamous Russian “hacking” of our election! And these are the same Democrats who called congressional inquiries into Hillary Clinton’s insecure server a partisan “witch hunt.”

All this reminds one of an old Soviet-era joke: In a two-man race between a Soviet and an American sprinter, Soviet media’s report of the result would depend on the outcome of the race. If the Soviet sprinter won, Pravda would report that he had finished first and that the American had finished last. If the reverse occurred, they would report that the Soviet sprinter had finished second and the American came in next-to-last.

Seems the Democrats and their allies in the American “mainstream” media have adopted the old Soviet methods of reporting on current events – spike what doesn’t fit your narrative and slant the rest.

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