Decker: Is AARP really working for seniors?

Decker: Is AARP really working for seniors?



It’s rich to read about concern about money frauds and scams from the AARP in the February 21 article “Wyoming AARP warns against money frauds, scams,” considering the organization is also in legal hot water for taking what lawsuits are calling “illegal kickbacks” from UnitedHealth on “AARP-sponsored” Medigap coverage plans.

Rather than helping seniors select the plan that is most tailored to their needs or financial resources, AARP sells UnitedHealth plans exclusively in return for a 4.95 percent cut, which they call a “royalty fee.” Between 2007 and 2017, AARP was paid more than $5.3 billion from UnitedHealth for selling “health products and services."

AARP makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year by overcharging seniors for health insurance — and then betrays them a second time by hiring an army of lobbyists to fight for socialist policies that will raise the cost of health care and reduce innovation, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s prescription drug plan. This radical bill, which threatens manufacturers with a shocking 95 percent gross-receipts tax if they don’t accept government-set prices, would be devastating for the discovery and development of new cures and therefore terrible for seniors.

The AARP has strayed far from its now-abandoned mission to help older Americans – and they deserve better.

JON DECKER, Washington, D.C.


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