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Desgouttes: Dying for what?

Desgouttes: Dying for what?

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On the May 8, 1945, in the town of Rheims, France, two German generals signed the unconditional surrender of all German armed forces. Also present were generals from Britain, the United States and France.

Thanks to satellite radio, I was listening to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and they commemorated by playing live interviews of some of their soldiers recorded on that faithful day. Canada, you know! That socialist country north of us!

While driving, my emotions took the better of me and tears came out. The reason was that 76 years later it seems that all the people who died, got injured, fought in that most deadly conflict was in vain. 76 years later I am stunned that the death and incarceration in German concentration camps of some members of my family who fought fascism, was for nothing.

Bodies of Wyomingites will forever be on European soil, and for what? Those of you who deny everything, wear swastikas, espoused views which are full of hate for anybody who has a brown skin, who are fearful of losing your white supremacy, you are the spiritual heirs of German fascism.

Shame on you. I am convinced that some of you have had fathers and grandfathers fighting and even dying to defeat fascism, how can you insult your own blood? Do me a favor, if you a have a picture of them, somewhere, look at them, apologize to them and ask for their forgiveness. That great generation cannot have die in vain. Alas, for some of you it has.



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