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Dillon: Support rooftop solar

Dillon: Support rooftop solar



I urge our state legislators to focus on the pluses of rooftop solar. I put a system in last summer.

WHY? It makes sense. There are over 200 days of sunshine in most parts of Wyoming and it made sense to me to take advantage of this gift of nature.

In addition to this, it felt good supporting a new local business focused on solar systems.

We talk about diversifying our economy and this developing small business sector is helping to do just that.

And, in the event that my system would ever produce more than I use in a year, the surplus would go back into the main system using net metering. Makes sense.

As far as the idea that net metering costs folks without solar more is only true if many many more small systems were in use. It is not a concern presently or in the near future.

To focus on this future possibility does not make sense.

So, legislators, please focus on the positives and support rooftop solar.



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