In reading the op-eds in Sunday's Star-Tribune I was struck by Mr. Curt Wartick's "Love it or leave it" letter standing alone, while the mindset of Ms. Nelson, Ms. Thomas, Mr. Randy "above it all" Vlach, Mr. Wenino, alas, was expounding on another subject and lost his shot. 

This rant is meant to inform Mr. Wartick and all concerned that he is not alone. There are two of us, and I suspect a herd more, who probably don't want to invite the flak this is sure to generate. But let the flak come. It will surely show that the chronic wasting disease that afflicts our game herds has now crossed over to a human version, strangely called the Democratic Party. And in my opinion that is a devastating virus, whose apparent goal is to utterly destroy this nation as we know it with wide open borders which will assure that disease a majority in any election. Does anyone think any illegal would vote wrong? Provided of course that the sons of Islam who come among them permit voting at all. 

Since everyone has an opinion, this is mine, and I will be astounded if it ever sees print, being somewhat aware of the editorial view of your paper.

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IRA DODD, Casper



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