Donahue: Why are U.S. military forces still in Afghanistan?

Donahue: Why are U.S. military forces still in Afghanistan?



When I think about disquieting topics, one question remains in my mind: Why are U.S. military forces still in Afghanistan?

Osama bin Laden has been eliminated. Al-Qaeda has been devastated. The Taliban has been held accountable for their role in the 9/11 attack.

Like many Americans after 9/11, I supported efforts to protect our nation from future terrorist attacks and punish those responsible. However, it is apparent the war in Afghanistan should end and our troops should come home.

We are no longer bringing the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice. Worthlessly attempting to nation-build using thousands of American soldiers who have sacrificed life and limb is, in my opinion, pouring money down a rat hole. Thousands of innocent Afghan civilians are caught in the crossfire. No matter how noble our intentions, occupation forces are seldom appreciated.

As a conservative and disabled Vietnam combat veteran, I have empathy for the Afghani people and our ground forces. Like Vietnam, Afghanistan appears to be a no-win situation with no end in sight. Last, the burden to our national debt we are leaving to our grandkids is very troubling.

I urge President Trump, Congress and our military leadership to end this conflict, bring our troops home. Focus on defending this country. Great nations should not fight endless wars.



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