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Drake: Thank you EOG pumpers!

Drake: Thank you EOG pumpers!



On Aug. 16, I was loading supplies in my pickup when I spotted smoke rising near Moore and Clarkelen Roads in Campbell County. I could see the flames and knew that if the fire was not on us, it soon would be.

I got in my truck and began driving toward the fire, dialing 911 en route. When I hung up, I wondered what good I would be at the scene. I didn’t even have a shovel in the truck. The most I could do would be to toss my jug of drinking water on the flames. And with a modest wind out of the northwest, the flames would be spreading quickly.

When I arrived at the fire, there were already a number of pickups there, all EOG Resources pumpers. They had identified the cause of the wildfire – a nearby shorted electrical wire. They had contacted Powder River Energy to cut the power, and were directing firefighters to where they were most needed. A tractor was grading the nearby county road and they had already directed him to cut a fire line. Some of the EOG pumpers had wildfire training and were stomping out the fire with shovels.

All I could think was, “How bad is this going to be?” But what could have been despair turned to relief when the wildfire was quickly contained and extinguished, mostly due to the diligence of EOG Resources pumpers.

The fire burned about 50 acres on our property, but if it hadn’t been for their quick action and dedication, damage would have been much, much worse and probably would have spread onto the neighbor’s land as well. Thank you EOG pumpers! You are more of a benefit to ranchers than most of us know.



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