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Casper, thank you for hosting a wonderful eclipse weekend. As a Casper native who moved away 50 years ago, my wife and I hosted six friends from Florida, Illinois, Washington, D.C., and Colorado on Casper Mountain for the long weekend around the eclipse. I hoped what we spent in town can go a short way to repay you for your hospitality.

Friday: Gas for borrowed truck and ice – Loaf and Jug. Provisions, e.g. steaks, chicken, burgers, eggs, bacon, salads, lunch meat, cheese – Brattis’ Meats. Two bottles of Wyoming Whiskey and beer - 2nd Street Discount Liquors. Dinner for three at Johnny J’s (the Gaslight ran out of food by 6:30).

Saturday: Ice - Loaf and Jug.

Sunday: Nicolaysen Art Museum, plus undocumented purchases in downtown Casper as all eight wandered the Second Street enclosure along the entire length from The Nic to the new bandstand visiting Lou (Mrs. Taubert was our den mother in Cub Scouts) at Lou Taubert’s, the other stores and the street vendors. Lunch with drinks for eight at Guadalajara’s, Fort Caspar entrance fees for eight and items in the gift shop, e.g. shot glasses, T-shirts. Speas Fish Hatchery (free). The Tate Museum (sadly, closed). Two tickets to Ira Flatow’s lecture at Casper College. Gas for Colorado rental car, milk, bread, mayo and ice - Loaf and Jug.

Monday: Beer - Liquor Shed. Coleslaw - Ridley’s.

Tuesday: Gas for Illinois and Colorado residents' cars – Loaf and Jug. Two eclipse T-shirts – K-Mart. Breakfast at McDonald’s.

Not a large sum, but without the eclipse, the group does not make this trip. Thank you again for a wonderful weekend.

GEOFF DURHAM, Libertyville, Illinois


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