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An Associated Press article appeared in Wyoming’s newspapers Monday, July 23, concerning Taylor Haynes.

The article said a district judge was being asked to order Dr. Haynes to withdraw from the gubernatorial race.

Generally before any disciplinary action is taken the person has to be proven guilty. Why is this not the case here? Dr. Haynes calls the article a “politically motivated attack” against him.

The populace can see through this dirty trick and is tired to the bone of the deep-state shenanigans manipulating our elections.

The complaint: Haynes has a ranch straddling WY and CO borders and he used this residence as his WY address for eight months. All of his buildings are found on the CO side of the border. But he pays all of his taxes in WY. As soon as he was told of this complaint he changed his address to end the controversy, but this wasn’t good enough to satisfy a politically motivated accuser.

Liz Cheney and Hillary Clinton both came into states that had open Congressional seat vacancies from states they were not residents of, but no complaints were lodged. A precedent was established for big-named candidates for this resident changing to be okay. But, for a much lesser superficial violation, it is not okay? Foul! We cry foul!!

This dirty trick politics will only help Taylor Haynes because it can plainly be seen for the lowly trick that it is.

This procedure echoes what was originally said of him: “He is the only candidate that can’t be bought.”

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