Gun violence is of rising concern among the people of the U.S. and rightly so. Crime offends against the people in any community. What is of concern is that politicians fail to realize from where crime arises in our causal order universe and instead of healing crime, seek to address crime's issues with symptom removal in our ego-nurtured culture. Take away the guns, big deal.

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There are two qualities which constitute a civilized person. The first quality is a sense of self-worthiness which is innate in every living creature with the exception of prenatal violence experienced by the fetus while within the expectant mother-to-be. Otherwise, detraction from self-worthiness occurs from negligent, inappropriate and/or abusive parenting. The second quality is the development of self-esteem which is garnered from the successful engagement of performing service in the community, which begins with performing services in the family during childhood. Self-worthiness offers a love-based sense of self value and self-esteem offers a love-based sense of self value in the community. In this sense, every able-bodied person needs a job in the community from early adolescence on ‘till death do we part, with some exception for motherhood. Unemployment is both a social and economic crime.

The remedial action to the dilemma of crime begins with spiritual/parenting education for leadership, essentially eliminating politicians in favor of teachers who are in the know, as knowledge supersedes belief, whatever the case may be. Formal education requires informal, hands-on experience, to supersede belief with knowledge. Every person needs to know which end of a hammer drives a nail, so to speak. Crime is the symptom of a culture of people gone awry.

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