I become so, so weary with each proceeding anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist event as processed by whichever media. It still appears that all too few persons have learned anything from that tragic event, thanks to prejudice, the great divisor of men amongst mankind. Each and every human event conjures up an opportunity for learning, a spiritual trait.

I predicted the 9/11 event back in 1992 as retribution following the Desert Storm atrocity, as "a major event occurring in the U.S. killing a great many persons in their own country." The U.N.’s position on Desert Storm, was to eradicate Kuwait of the Iraqi military. As Desert Storm began, the Iraqi military had virtually all left Kuwait and the Storm occurred nearly exclusively in Iraq, killing near to 250,000 Iraqi citizens in their own country. In our Casper Star-Tribune newspaper, 3 days following the headline, “Iraq takes over Kuwait,” came the headline, “ Iraq wants to negotiate.” However, truth has revealed the U.S. prefers to negotiate with the U.S. military, time and again.

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Negotiations require the surrender of prejudice, which operates in the basis of ignorance and if you haven’t followed my discussion, your ignorance will keep you encaged in your own illusion, ego provided. If you are intelligent, you have realized that there were no terrorist attacks on U.S. interests whatsoever, before the Desert Storm atrocity, in our causal order universe. From pages 1991, 1992 and 2001 of 4,272 pages.

P.S. The 9/11 event was the expressed downing of idolatry in the U.S., spiritually stated, “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me,” inclusive, period, no question mark but who knows?

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