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Fink: What comes next?

Fink: What comes next?



I was not surprised to have witnessed the rather chaotic affair pertaining to the first presidential debate between President Trump and democratic contender for the presidency, Joe Biden. I might call it aged senility or I might call it child play, however it was certainly preposterous, in any event. Both candidates had agreed to no interruptions during the other’s answering time, in reply to the moderator’s questions. Both quite often interrupted the other. The inherent problematic issue between the two is simply the belief in partisanship values, lacking in scientific knowledge as processed by true introspection into the values pertaining to specific issues. Let the issues stand as according to understanding, accorded by factual knowledge. And D.J., regarding your regard against socialism, please develop your own language practice and see how far it gets you and your Republican platitudes. The success of a society or a nation is dependent upon how congruent the interactions of the people propagates among the people, for the people, across the entire spectrum of the human endeavor, in other words, socialism. Have you ever watched/studied an ant pile to observe how the ants all work together to service the entire lot of the ant pike and if any ant is struggling anyhow, one or more ants will engage in helping to aid the struggling ant to suit its cause? Have you? I don’t know how ants leave their egos behind at home, however, when invaded by aliens, they are all on the same team, no politics to dissuade them into individualized servitude. There is not a single Republican ant.

What comes next? My guess is not civility, a spiritual trait.



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