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Fox: State should defend us from federal government

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We love freedom in Wyoming. That freedom is currently under assault. We need our legislature to defend our freedom. Defend our right to work. Defend our right to decide for ourselves what to wear and how to breathe. Defend our right to trade and travel. And absolutely defend our right to determine what goes into our bodies.

Government mandates are contrary to our founding principles of individual liberty and limited government. The federal government has absolutely no business mandating that experimental drugs be injected into our bodies. Our legislators should demand that the federal government stay out of it.

Faith, family and freedom are some of the most precious things in this life. And they have all been put at risk by the actions of government. We must put a stop to federal over-reach. We’ve had enough of our representatives, at all levels, trampling our individual rights and trying to steal our Liberty.

We’ve had enough of mask mandates that don’t work, forced business closures that destroy our economy and depressing social isolation. We will not tolerate forced injections.

To our legislators we say: Please do your job. Protect our lives, liberty and property. Defend our rights and freedom... then go home.

Remember, millions have sacrificed to give us our freedom, and without it, Wyoming and America are just places on a map.

Long live our republic and may God continue to bless America.

DENNIS FOX, Ranchester


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