Garretson: Police need guns

Garretson: Police need guns



What would you do if someone aimed a gun at you with intent not to rob you, but to kill you? This is something many police officers may have to go through. Many people believe police officers should not have guns without even doing research. I can prove they should have guns.

I have heard people say “Knives aren’t a lethal threat!” According to FBI statistics, 1,500 people die a year to knives so they are considered a lethal threat. The same person who said this also has said, “It is useless to tell someone to drop the knife!” because it “stresses the person out and forces them to fight back against the officer.” First off, if you point a gun at someone, they need to know why you are pointing a gun at them. Second, it is someone’s own choice to try and fight an officer. The officer will point a gun at someone who is believed to be able to kill them or another officer.

People have said “UK cops are safer because they don’t have guns.” I saw body camera footage from a UK police officer where they locked a man in a room because he had two knives and was trying to kill them. If he would not have locked the man with the knives in a room, the four officers there would be dead.

A man I personally heard in my own city said “Cops are only trained to use lethal force.” No, they are not. In fact, they go off of the use of force chart where they have a certain amount of force for each amount of cooperation. In training they have whole classes about de-escalating situations.

In a news article, a man expressed his opinion and said police should not stress out someone who is holding a gun with a gun. The officer has the gun to defend himself and his partners.

People need to know how to research police situations before they assume random things without evidence.



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