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We should maintain respect and gratitude


It doesn’t matter who is president of our great nation, we should remain respectful and grateful no matter who is leading us. Our forefathers would be turning in their graves if they saw what our nation has become.

If I earned enough money to attend professional football, basketball, or baseball events, I’d say the anthem with gratitude and respect just because this great nation has provided me with an income that allows me to have enough not only to pay my bills, but to entertain myself and perhaps others. If I only made enough money to make ends meet, I’d say the anthem with gratitude and respect because I am lucky enough to live in a nation that is not oppressive.

For those that make the millions or thousands above their means, they should be very respectful and grateful for living in a country that allows them that sort of income. If they feel oppressed, perhaps they should take a trip outside the United States to the Middle East, Asia, or even South America and see what oppression really is. If citizens of this great nation are feeling that this country is oppressive, then maybe they should donate some of their wealth to helping those oppressed instead of becoming role models of disrespect and ungratefulness to our youth.

Are our young people going to be our future disrespectful and ungrateful citizens of the United States? What a mess we are creating for not only the future of our youth, but we are becoming an embarrassment to the world!

Since when do we think gifts are racist and turn them back all because of a personal vendetta against a president we may not have voted for? I say personal vendetta, because no other gift in the history of the United States has been turned down and witnessed as acceptable in obvious knowledge of our youth. What are we teaching future generations with these behaviors?

We should maintain our respect and gratitude even when others are not representing it. We should want this for ourselves, our youth and the whole world to look upon as the right thing to do.



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