Guilford: Our representatives should do the right thing

Guilford: Our representatives should do the right thing



Attention, Wyoming Congressional Delegation,

The Friendship Force of Cheyenne, established in 1977 by Governor Ed Herschler, has home-hosted special visitors from fledgling democracies throughout the world. Through the years local citizens have hosted doctors, teachers and political leaders chosen by the United States Library of Congress.

Cheyenne has been a favorite destination of these carefully chosen students of government because the briefings in Washington, D.C. have always allowed direct conversations with Wyoming's Congressional Delegation during the first week spent in D.C.

Back home in our city elected leaders, teachers, doctors, judges, reporters and employees of city and county elected officials have also given generously of their time to answer questions and explain how our political system works when our visitors arrive here. Our police chief spent 9 hours with one delegation.

My husband and I have hosted two guests from Ukraine. Each group gave a public presentation at Laramie County Library on Ukraine. I asked the following question after listening to their concerns about the levels of corruption in government in 2018.

"I sense skepticism in your hopes for the future in confronting corruption. Will your efforts work?"

The speaker retorted, "You would be too if your leaders had grown rich using funds they had taken from the people!"

The speaker was right, for that is exactly what I feel right now. I think President Donald J. Trump had his eyes on money that Congress allocated for Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion. I believe he used our public money for his own purposes. I am so ashamed.

I see you are a leader in Congress, I heard your comments about defending the reputation of a brave soldier who testified. Remember -- there are people here in Wyoming who know right from wrong. As your constituent I urge you to follow the lead of that soldier and do the right thing -- this president needs to be impeached.



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