Our governor is allowing the guilty state employees to continue their illegal/unlawful/dishonest/deceitful conduct to those that have been by the courts entrusted to them for care, custody and safekeeping? I was sentenced on May 19, 1995 to the "care, custody and safe keeping" of the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins, but that is not being done. 

The Wyoming Board of Parole has perpetrated numerous unlawful acts against Wyoming inmates all over the state by denying parole to the parole-eligible and blanketly denying almost all petitions for commutation for the eligible parties, to keep state's prisons packed completely full of prisoners for the sole reason of increasing the potential incomes. 

Face reality, it's time to wake up and smell the deceit and misuse of taxpayer dollars that is, has and will continue occurring here at the Department of Corrections and their other state sub-agency, the Board of Parole. 

When your "milk sours" you throw it out, rather than let it poison you or make you sick, correct? Our governor appears to be negligent or tardy in attending to keeping his campaign claims and promises to "clean house" for Wyoming's taxpayers. 

His failures allow these crimes to continue, and millions of taxpayer dollars to be misspent or outright misappropriated. 

I already have the written responses to my previous filings regarding WSP/WDOC's grievance procedures being a total farce and that they are unlawfully nonexistent despite their deceitful claims to the contrary. Now due to select ranking staff at the WDOC and the WSP there is no Fifth Amendment rights for prisoners whatsoever. 

Due to the wrongful outcome of these well documented, foundationless allegations against me, I lost my inmate job and wages, I was wrongfully fined as additional punishment and the potential for adversely interfering with my internal levels very much to my detriment also exists all because of staff's misuse and abuse of authority in their continuing wholehearted disregard for state and federal laws. 

For a multitude of common sense reasons, a very thorough housecleaning by either our own governor or federal authorities needs to be performed ASAP. Time's a wasting! It's your monies that are being mismanaged and misspent. 

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RODNEY GUNDERSON, Wyoming State Penitentiary, Rawlins 



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