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Hawley: Who will protect us?

Hawley: Who will protect us?



Eric Swalell who sits on the House Intelligence Committee is accused of having a relationship with a suspected Chinese spy. Mainstream Media barely covered this. The double standard is unbelievable. Swalwell was a perpetuator of the Russia Collison hoax with Trump. Swalwell stated that Trump was an operative of Russia. What hypocrisy! It turns out he was the one having a relationship with a foreign adversary.

We live in an environment where the Left and media routinely suppress, and Big Tech censors' content that doesn’t align with their liberal ideology. They censored the Hunter Biden story; in fact, they overwhelmingly dismissed the story and allowed it to be labeled as Russian disinformation. 

We now know that the media engaged in a major cover-up of the Biden family’s dealings, and they are being investigated by the DOJ for among other things, tax evasion and money laundering. The media attacked the New York Post and other news agency or journalist who dared to advance this story in October. One can only speculate they did this to protect Joe Biden from potential damage this could have done to his candidacy in a close election.

Journalists are supposed to protect we the people from government, the powerful, the wealthy and big business. What happened? Instead, the media aligned with big tech to suppress a true story that may have had a major impact on the election. Sadder, the media who is also supposed to be the protector of free speech allowed for Facebook and Twitter to censor free speech. Additionally, the media attacked and defamed the New York Post. They should be ashamed.

I keep holding out faith for fair coverage from the media. It must be very difficult and intimidating for a journalist to present the conservative side of the story to their publisher. Maybe it could damage their career. However, now I am starting to believe that it is not bias that dictates the one-sided coverage of stories but corruption from the few corporations and wealthy media moguls who control the news.

Editor, who will protect the public from them?



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