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Hunnicutt: It's time to vote Trump out

Hunnicutt: It's time to vote Trump out



It’s official, Donald J. Trump is a Neo-Nazi fascist. I’ve suspected as much from his bullying and cruel policies, but in the debate, he called on his terrorist followers to “stand back & stand by”. He fooled enough Americans in key electoral college states to get elected in 2016. God help us if he’s reelected. We’ll be living in Nazi Germany, circa 1933. Americans need to vote this thug out of office. He does not personify any of our American ideals or values. Eternal shame on his enablers who allowed him power for their own gains.

Trump has shown he does not care whether Americans die from COVID-19 or Russian bounty hunters. It’s not his responsibility. His refusal to follow the Pentagon’s plan during a pandemic will continue to cost American lives. Could our President owe over $400 billion to agents of foreign countries? Are bad debts the reason Trump has never said a word about the Russian bounty?

Donald Trump has almost bankrupted our country, even before COVID-19. All the shutdowns were the death toll. If we had a true leader that cared about our lives more than power, this could have been avoided. Our military, scientists and doctors understood what needed to be done, but Trump refused their suggestions and pleas.

Trump would love to rule the USA forever. He and his enablers would get richer and Americans would get poorer, if they lived through COVID. Trump doesn’t care, “it’s not his responsibility”. Vote the RINO out!



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