Hunter: A reply to Sen. Bebout

Hunter: A reply to Sen. Bebout



Good Morning Senator Bebout,

I read your response concerning the funding of Powder River Basin Resource Council (PRBRC) and its out-of-state funders that you claim are distorting Wyoming politics and impacting the legislature's work. I am glad you are worried about outside money influencing the actions of our state and at the federal level. I am too. However, I think you should start with the purchasing of our federal senators by out-of-state PACs and individuals.

I have attached the recent contributions to Senator John Barrasso and it is alarming that barely any Wyoming residents contributed to purchasing our senator and based on your concern about the PRBRC contributors, this should appall you. I believe you would agree that the popular election of senators has corrupted the original idea from the Founders that the state governor should select a senator for each 4-year cycle he/she gets elected. The popular election of senators has allowed out-of-state donors to buy John Barrasso and I am sure you will support the repeal of the insidious 17th Amendment. A senator selected by the governor, with consent of the Wyoming Senate, would ensure that this senator would have the best interests of Wyoming at heart than say NY or Texas or Florida.

I am sure that you will be entertained that Carole Baskin, the nemesis of Laramie High School graduate Joe Exotic, has given $2,000.00 to John Barrasso in the past year.

I look forward to your next opinion piece condemning the popular election of U.S. senators and the influence of outside money in Wyoming’s federal elected officials.




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