Huskinson: I appreciate the PRBRC

Huskinson: I appreciate the PRBRC



As a coal miner who worked for 39 years in the Powder River Basin I would like to show my appreciation for the PRBRC.

My experience with the PRBRC is one of compassion for the State of Wyoming and the people who live and work here.

On July 1, 2019, my employer Blackjewel laid off and locked out over 580 coal miners along with many other coal-related jobs. With the expertise of the PRBRC, I was able to navigate and other information as to what was happening with my job at Blackjewel. In my opinion, if the PRBRC had not held Contura accountable for their mining permit, Campbell County would have suffered much more revenue loss.

As a member of the PRBRC their goal is to always try to save and enhance community revenue from extractive industries.

The mess that awaits Campbell County with reclamation costs and current job loss is staggering. I feel safe knowing that the PRBRC is ensuring local governments and workers get their fair share of our natural resources that are mined and drilled here in Wyoming.

As a coal miner, the reality of vulture capitalists coming into our state is a personal experience. I worked for two companies that used bankruptcy to relieve payment commitments. Currently, Komatsu is claiming that ESM is using shovels that do not belong to them. Those are the kind of ethics that I couldn’t accept.

I have friends whose lives and businesses were ruined by Blackjewel.

I’m tired of corporate greed and an industry that will pick up and leave, cutting their losses and leaving workers and communities in ruin.

I’m thankful we have the PRBRC looking out for Wyoming and all the people who live and work here.

We need the PRBRC to continuously stand up for the workers and the state of Wyoming.



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