We are Wyoming natives who are writing to express how deeply disturbed we are by the recent murders in Texas and California. These murders have come in the wake of President Trump’s continued un-American propaganda against congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. Since the commencement of his presidency, Trump has given new voice and blessing to the white nationalists, bigots, and radicals whose hatred degrades and threatens America’s foundation and democracy. We wake up every morning sickened by his tweets and dismayed by this unrecognizable nation we find ourselves in.

We are Democrats born and raised in Wyoming. We have Republican friends. We can disagree on economics and taxes without hating each other. We are used to congresspersons who do not remotely reflect our own personal beliefs and views. We choose this life willingly. But what we can never choose is to have representatives who do not speak out against this evil saturating our nation.

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The man accused of the El Paso murders referenced Trump and his anti-immigration rhetoric in a manifesto. These shootings are not isolated incidents. They are the reflection of your Vichy-like choices as congressmen and women. You allow the President to spew hate speech on immigrants and minorities without condemning him. You allow the NRA to dictate laws that put assault rifles into the hands of these young, angry, white men (note: the terrorists in this country are not immigrants or minorities). This is a matter of right and wrong, not Democrat or Republican. Allowing our county to become so divided is unpatriotic. You are not fighting for us. You are abetting our destruction.

It is your obligation as our representatives, and as Americans with a platform, to stand up against Trump’s hateful, demagogic, unproductive, verbal assaults on our democracy. It is your obligation to fight for gun laws that protect innocent civilians. (These murders are not being carried out with hunting rifles.) By standing idly by as Trump poisons the nation, your cowardice makes you complicit in these murders. Do the right thing.

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