Jennings: Let's send a new face to Washington

Jennings: Let's send a new face to Washington



It is a shame that a citizen who aspires to public office at the state and federal level must have a significant amount of money to run for political office. Additionally, the aspiring politician has to overcome the entrenched swamp creatures who permeate life in D.C. and to a certain extent, state government. Our founding fathers never imagined a scenario where someone would occupy public office as lifelong career.

The problematic nepotism in Washington D.C. unfortunately reaches us here in Wyoming. Congressional seats can be simply bought by those who have personal wealth and little evidence of successful “real world” experience.

I will be supporting Robert Short in the Wyoming U.S. Senate race for the retiring Mike Enzi’s seat. Robert is a new face in Wyoming politics, he grew up in Wyoming, has worked around the world and here in Wyoming for 40 years. As a successful small business owner, he has proven experience in the private world, and this is the kind of person that I want to represent me and the great state of Wyoming in Washington D.C.

PAC money, traditionally, goes to entrenched politicians. Do we really want to continue this way? If someone has been in politics or public office all of their adult and professional life, how then can we expect them to understand what is going on in the private sector? Robert Short has been a Converse County Commissioner for 6 years, while being the Chairman for the last two years. Limit the amount of money that can be used in political campaigns, this would level the playing field so that any citizen could run for office and represent their constituents instead of special interest. Term limits are sorely needed and way overdue. Cynthia Lummis, the leading opponent, has been in public office for 41 years, she has had her shot at governing the state of Wyoming and our country.

Lummis has endorsements from both Wyoming Senators, John Barrasso and Mike Enzi. Additionally, Lummis’s war chest is fueled by her family wealth estimated to be as high as 65 million dollars. It's time for change!



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