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I respect all those who are running for Governor of Wyoming. Most are qualified to do the job. For me, in making my decision about who would be the best person to lead our state for the next four years, it is about more than qualifications. Qualifications and experience are important, no question. But knowing what has been done in the building of those qualifications and in gaining that experience also matters. In my view it’s about how you used your qualifications and experience to do something positive and bigger than yourself that really matters. It’s about how you were able to LEAD a team to accomplish great things and improve lives.

LEADERSHIP! – how you cast a vision, gather an effective team and work together to accomplish important things that you could never accomplish on your own – this is the most important characteristic I look for in choosing the next Governor of Wyoming.

While those running for Governor are qualified, for me, the one who stands out as a TRUE LEADER is Sam Galeotos. Having successfully grown and led both small and large businesses, having “boots on the ground,” making critical strategic and operational decisions with the help of great teams, proves to me that he has the leadership skills to move Wyoming forward and lead us to new levels of prosperity. In addition, having led many nonprofit civic organizations in the communities he’s lived in, rallying members to reinvigorate their passion for their cause, Sam has proven that his leadership skill is broad-based and inclusive. Working with great teams and committed partners, casting a solid vision and leading the way forward is what Sam has done throughout his career. This is what I believe Wyoming needs right now – the right qualifications and experience combined with superior leadership skills.

As Governor, Sam will be the “boots on the ground” leader that he has been for all his business career. I am voting for Sam to take his positive entrepreneurial experience and proven leadership performance and put it to good use in leading Wyoming.

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BOB JENSEN, Cheyenne


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