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Johnson: Shut down Wyoming before virus gets worse

Johnson: Shut down Wyoming before virus gets worse



If we want to get serious about addressing COVID-19, we need to shut down the state now. We need to force everyone to stay home from now until a vaccine is ready, and then we must require everyone who survives the lockdown to take the vaccine before they are allowed to leave their homes for any reason (W.S. 35-4-113(c)).

Of course, we must grant special exemptions to elected officials and government workers, as they are too important to remain stuck at home for the indefinite future when we need their continued leadership during this crisis. Everyone else must be required to remain home, not allowed to leave for work, church, recreation, or any reason whatsoever -- as this is the only way we can be certain to eliminate the COVID-19 virus entirely from our population.

I attempted to contact our county and state health officers (Hartman and Harrist) about their ultimate goal in this COVID-19 battle, but they did not respond to my query. Unfortunately, a mask mandate does not go far enough. No, we MUST shut down our entire state – all travel, commerce, activity must cease until a vaccine is created that will prove 100% effective in inoculating the population against this vicious and deadly disease. As I write this, 87 people have died in our state from this terrible ailment, a terrifying 0.015% of the state population according to the official state numbers. A full 2.161% of our state’s population is currently carrying this virus and recklessly infecting their neighbors. This is far too many for our continued survival.

I call on Governor Gordon, doctors Harrist and Hartman, and everyone in a position to enact these necessary actions -- shut down Wyoming now before any more people die from this dangerously virulent and life destroying plague. If we allow people freely to leave their homes without severe punishment, then further deaths are on your hands. Responsible citizens who care about their neighbors’ lives will support such actions as vital to our survival. If we are to survive this devastation, we have no choice but to shutdown indefinitely.



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