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Kelly: A response to Jillian Balow's op-ed

Kelly: A response to Jillian Balow's op-ed

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I have some serious reservations about this attack on Critical Race Theory (CRT) which uses the word Marxist to imply a communistic element. I suspect that the Republicans have put out a talking paper using this term and that we will see it wherever comments are made.

Student should be able ask why Wyoming does not have a bias crime law when 47 States and the District of Columbia have such laws. Is the absence of such a law a form of passive racism?

Student should learn about the racism involved in the suspension of the Black Fourteen from the University of Wyoming football team in 1969 and the racism involved at all levels of decision making at this time in addition to that of the coach.

Students should learn the there was a race riot in Rock Springs, Wyoming, on Sept. 2, 1885, in which 28 Chinese people were killed. What were the causes? What was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882?

Students should learn that there is a place called Heart Mountain here in Wyoming that imprisoned 14,000 Japanese citizens in 1942. Alan Simpson, U.S. senator from Wyoming and Norman Moneta, internee and Secretary of Transportation, became friends there. How did they meet?

Students should learn that Wyoming had laws forbidding interracial marriages on the books from 1913 to 1965, and what the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1967. Most states had these mixed race laws. Will some of the students be of mixed races? I have six grandchildren of mixed race who should learn our racial history.

At the present time, it is Asians who are being singled out for abuse because the COVID-10 originated in China. Students should be able to ask if that makes any sense and discuss the issue in a classroom setting.

We should all be able to ask why the Republicans fear the use of Critical Race Theory in our classroom.



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