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It is disappointing to me that the Casper Star Tribune uses a headline that President Trump "stalks" out of the meeting with Democrat leaders.

The article states that there was a difference of reporting of the meeting and its ending by the two parties, but the Democrat viewpoint was chosen for the headline. That is only consistent with the articles and headlines I have observed.

It is also interesting to me that the Democrats are putting their foot down about funding the wall when they said during the previous administration that a barrier was necessary. They were also the ones who gave President Obama hundreds of billions of dollars for a stimulus package ten years ago and gave him great discretion in spending it, but will not allow a mere five billlion dollars for a wall that they seemed to support in the past. How hypocritical can they be and still claim any level of integrity? I hope and pray that the American public sees through them and reverses the trend in 2020.

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