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I have read through HB123 titled “Coal export terminal litigation”.

The bill provides that the state legislature (or the management council) “…may commence and prosecute an action for damages or declaratory relief against the state of Washington, the Washington energy facility site evaluation council and any other party responsible…”. Further the bill would direct that $250,000 be appropriated from the general fund and placed in a new coal export terminal litigation account for retention of private counsel and associated litigation expenses to prosecute an action under the act.

What an idea – the bill has the legislature going into the legal business and spending money on private lawyers!

Standby for incoming – I can only imagine the number of retaliatory suits that might be brought against entities in our state by far left leaning legislative bodies in other states if Wyoming sets precedence for frivolous, legislative branch of government initiated court battles.

My thoughts are:

1) Kill HB 123 at the first possible vote.

2) That constituents of the districts for the bill sponsors remember this flawed thinking. The August primary will provide opportunity to purge the Wyoming House of Representatives of these five fringe extremists. These members have confirmed by their sponsorship of HB 123 that they contribute little net value to the work of the legislature.




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