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The U.S. Congress is expected to enact 12 individual appropriations bills each fiscal year to fund the government’s discretionary spending.

The 12 bills for the current FY18 fiscal year were supposed to have been completed by 09/30/17. Instead, the Congress enacted a single, 2200+ page Omnibus Bill. The U.S. Senate voted on this bill in the very early hours of 03/23/18 after it had been available to read for barely one day. (A flashback to Rep. Pelosi in 2010: “…pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…”).

This Omnibus Bill debacle represents a dismal failure on the part of the U.S. Senate. As the Policy Committee Chair, Senator Barrasso is one of the senior senate leaders. The breakdown on the part of the Senate to fulfill the requirement to pass timely appropriations bills represents an abject collapse of Senator Barrasso’s ability to lead.

When senior military leaders are relieved for cause, the supporting statement for dismissal usually includes variations of the words “…due to a loss of trust and confidence…”.

Sadly, I have now lost trust and confidence in Senator Barrasso’s ability to lead – the FY18 appropriations inaction being the culmination of my rising concern.

During campaigns leading up to the 2016 elections, candidates promised a “return to regular order” if only Republicans could achieve control of the House, the Senate and the White House.

The voters delivered. Sadly U.S. Senate leaders have not.

With FY19 appropriations bills now due in less than six months, the Senate leaders scheduled a two week recess beginning right after the late night vote.

Recess rather than work.

In my opinion, it is now time for Senator Barrasso to leave the Senate.

For the 2018 election, Wyoming absolutely cannot tolerate a Trauner/Schumer partnership in the U.S. Senate.

A Republican must be sent to Washington – but not Senator Barrasso.

I will be voting for a Republican who has budgetary acumen, well-honed leadership skill sets and demonstrated organizational experience to assure a return to regular order.

Drain the swamp.



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