Lappi: People must take this seriously

Lappi: People must take this seriously



The people in Casper are not taking this seriously. The CDC recommends people stay home if at all possible to slow the spread of this deadly virus. The people of Casper are out like it’s a holiday or something. Every store has waiting lines. People are boasting they won’t have to buy toilet paper for a year while a good many people can’t find any to buy. People are working when they are sick.

I was just in Spectrum and the person waiting on me reeked of cough drops and lied to me when I asked if she was ill. She said it was allergies. Who takes cough drops for allergies? A man behind me in Walmart desperately needed medicine for his sick twins who are one-year-olds and couldn’t find any because people are hoarding the medication he needs.

Come on Casper. Wake up. Quit screwing over your neighbors because you think you’re better than the next guy. This town has a serious problem and attitude. Instead of hoarding TP and meds, have some compassion for the next guy. Stay home and start taking this seriously. Where is the Casper city government? Oh I forgot, this is Casper. To hell with everyone, I’m in this for me. What a disgraceful display of who this city is and what it stands for. I’m ashamed to live here and will be leaving as soon as I can. I’m tired of the price gouging for any doctor, dentist, car or anything else you may need. I’ve had enough. If you think you have it good in Casper, think again.



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