To Enzi, Barrasso & Cheney: The El Paso and Gilroy massacres are so very disturbing. Americans believe we should be safe in our homes and in our communities. American Citizens thought they were safe in El Paso and Gilroy. They were wrong. White supremacist shooters targeted Hispanic Americans. Those Americans are just as American as I am, just as American as you!

White supremacists/nationalists are emboldened by President Trump’s racist rhetoric. His hateful, divisive words are a call to action. Apparently the shooters believed they should carry out Trump’s talk of eliminating the “hordes of vermin invading our country.” Trump’s real message is “Make America White Again.” This country is not white, it has never been.

Trump’s rhetoric and his actions echo Nazism. It is only a matter of time when these racist, hate massacres happen in Wyoming. I see every day there is a Confederate flag waving proudly in a business’ yard. White supremacist/nationalist use the flag as their banner. The message is clear, I am an “other.” I am half Japanese & white – “a half breed, an abomination.”

My father (88), a U.S. citizen, and his family was interned during WWII for four years at Manzanar and Tule Lake “relocation” camps, SOLELY because of their Japanese descent. My father personally heard the hurtful words of “go back to where you came from.” Our family experienced first-hand how racist hysteria can go rabidly wrong.

Our national call to action should be “you attack one, you attack all of us.” Until all Americans stand up for each other, the hate filled massacres will continue. The German people stood by silently as Hitler used extreme racism to exterminate the “others.” When are YOU going to speak out to defend all Americans? When are YOU going to denounce white supremacist terrorism? Where are your statements denouncing the massacre of American citizens? Your silence is deafening. 

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