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Loepp: What courage looks like

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It is no surprise that the RNC and Wyoming's Republican Party censured Liz Cheney and no longer recognizes her as a Republican. Every reason given for their actions is a lie. Liz did not constantly criticize Donald Trump. She gave him the benefit of the doubt for nearly the entire four years of his presidency and it was only after he incited a violent attempt to overthrow our government the resulted in people being killed, cops being beaten and the Capital being sacked did she vote to impeach. That was a red line for Liz and it should have been a red line for everyone who swore an oath of office. Everyone including Frank Eathorne, John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis betrayed their oaths of office in order to serve and protect Donald Trump. The truth is that they took this action because Liz would not lie for Donald Trump. Fidelity to the Republican Party these days requires that it's members to pay silent servitude and blind obedience to Donald Trump. I never thought I would see the day when my party, the Republican Party would turn their backs on Liz Cheney in order to stand with a criminally corrupt bully and lying lap dog for Vladimir Putin named Donald Trump. When did lying, bullying, treason, violent insurrection and cowardice become Wyoming values? Liz Cheney stands on the principle that her oath of office matters and that truth and the rule of law matter. Liz Cheney would rather stand alone and do what is right for our country than stand with cowards who have sold their souls to a traitor to buy some political comfort. That is what courage looks like. That is what Wyoming values and riding for the brand looks like.



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