Ludwig: Loyalty to coal doesn't extend to working people

Ludwig: Loyalty to coal doesn't extend to working people



I have read article after article about the retired coal miners losing their healthcare. Often this is happening while CEOs and owners still get bonuses from their companies. The story you ran on December 16th about retired Kemmerer miners is just the latest of these.

In all of those stories, I have yet to hear anything genuinely supportive from our current federally elected officials, nor from my opponent, Republican Senate candidate Cynthia Lummis. Representative Cheney, and Senators Barrasso and Enzi have all failed to act when given the chance on this issue multiple times in their careers. Senator Enzi currently sits on the Senate Finance Committee which is considering the American Miners Act, so he is directly involved in its passing. But he came out against the bill. It appears that loyalty to coal only goes as far as the owners of coal mines, and doesn’t extend to working people.

Our campaign stands in solidarity with all working people, including fossil fuel workers.

Coal may be dying, but letting coal miners die for lack of health insurance they have worked for (often for years) is morally reprehensible, and a classic example of why many workers don’t feel we can trust either our bosses or the owners of our companies to have our best interests at heart. I urge all Wyoming residents who care about your fellow workers to demand action from our elected officials at all levels, and to hold the candidates' feet to the fire on care of retired and current coal miners.

YANA LUDWIG, Wyoming candidate for U.S. Senate, Laramie


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