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MacGuire: Meet your candidates in person

MacGuire: Meet your candidates in person



Facebook University is a terrible place to learn about civics!

Wyoming is unique in having a volunteer legislature. Our senators and representatives only receive a small per diem when they attend meetings out of their district. These volunteers spend three months a year in Cheyenne and travel the state meeting with constituents throughout the year. There are strict laws prohibiting gifts and favors. There isn’t a benefits package, insurance or retirement account. Wyoming's legislators come from all walks of life: schoolteachers, ranchers, law enforcement, doctors and entrepreneurs. You need to attend events where you can personally meet candidates and support those you feel best represent your interests. The Natrona County Republican Women hosts bi-monthly, Monday afternoon, candidate meet-and-greet events at Washington Park in Casper.

Social media is the worst place to learn about those campaigning for your vote. Your legislators should represent your interests when they vote on the policies that affect your life. It is crucial that you elect someone who will work to ensure the success of the families and businesses in your county and in Wyoming.

Your intelligent, informed vote is critical! Your political party should provide campaign support to the candidate nominated by the primary voters. However, the pirates currently occupying the Wyoming GOP's catbird seat will only support candidates who promise to march in lockstep and vote as they dictate. Incumbents that refused to vote "yes" on flawed think-tank boilerplate bills or policies harmful to their constituents will be subjected to a ruthless smear campaign. Don't be fooled by the platform adherence rhetoric. It is about power, not policy, achieved by weaponizing the legislative process and slanderous disinformation campaigns. If you choose to give your favorite candidates financial support, do so directly or through your county political party.

Mask or no mask, personally meet the candidates you’ll be voting for in the primary, and stop getting your information from social media. To further the interest of your community, become an active participant in your political party. Take the leap to be a write-in candidate as a precinct committee person.



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