MacGuire: To my fellow Republicans

MacGuire: To my fellow Republicans



My fellow Wyoming Republicans:

If you are registered to vote as a Republican, listen up! You have the power. Step up and stop wasting your time armchair quarterbacking on social media. This is not a good old boy's private club. It’s your complacency that allows these wingdings to seize and hold power, and it is up to you to take it back.

The committee is not the party. The registered Republican voters are the Republican Party. The purpose of your Republican committee is to further the grassroots interest of the Republicans in the precincts (precinct being your neighborhood), and to educate voters and facilitate participation. The RNC rules state that the party's committees should make every effort to encourage and facilitate all Republicans when authoring the platform, resolutions and bylaws of your party. There is a big difference between becoming the voice of the people and representing their voice.

Complacency being the status quo, much of the Republican Party county and state committees believe they are the Republican Party and have knighted themselves as the kingmakers and gatekeepers. Only a few of your Republican committee members were elected. When a seat isn't filled in the primary, it will be filled by an internal appointment by a handful of stalwarts on the executive committee. If you think going to the polls and voting is your only job as a citizen, you are sadly mistaken.

Do more than vote. Step up and put your name on the ballot to become a precinct committeeman or woman to serve in your county’s central committee. It’s a simple process and doesn’t take much effort or time. Don't be bashful about being inexperienced, if you are a Wyoming citizen, you have the qualifications. The window to register as a candidate is now open through May 29, 2020. You can find applications on the Wyoming Secretary of State website. You can file them with the county clerk by fax, email, postal mail or hand delivery.

At the very least, get to know your precinct committee members and participate in the caucus.



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