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Mack: I see reasons for optimism

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I see reasons

for optimism Editor:

As a Wyoming Republican, I fully recognize and accept that the United States has legally elected a new U.S. President. I do not understand those who continue to try to find ways to change or overturn some portion of the 2020 election, despite evidence that the results of balloting across the country are totally accurate. I am happy to live in a democratic Republic where the majority of still rules. The majority of both electoral and popular votes were cast for Joe Biden and, therefore, he has earned the right to lead the Executive Branch of our Constitutional Democracy for four years. I have been fearful that proponents and followers of “the big steal” conspiracy theory would make inroads into our Constitutional Democracy but, it appears that logic may be prevailing and acceptance of the election results is now more universally acknowledged. My life has changed because I am now feeling more optimistic about the future of our Country, regardless of concerns over inflation, immigration, and climate change. Those three problems can be resolved if the Country and its governments, at all levels, will continue to work together to resolve them.

I am not poorer nor richer than I was prior to the 2020 election and I don’t see any major changes in the political climate of Wyoming. I do see an inkling of conflict resolution and working toward compromise at the Federal level, even though it is incrementally small and will take time. I’m hoping that, as logic seems to return to our Federal Government, folks here in Wyoming will begin to understand and accept that we are all in this together. Nobody gets everything he or she wants without trampling upon the rights of others. We can move forward together but we have to talk and work with each other, regardless of political and ideological differences, in order to continue to enjoy our great Democracy.

The bottom line is that I think my life has changed in that I have found some small reasons for optimism going forward, while others see only doom and gloom.

DON MACK, Guernsey

DON MACK, Guernsey


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