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It finally appears the GOP will keep their promise of repealing the Obamacare mandate through their new tax plan, which hopefully will pass now that it's after Thanksgiving.

Supporters of this hated mandate are already crying about 13 million people who will lose their healthcare, how insurance premiums will rise, etc.

There are over 326 million people in America, not counting illegals. 6.5 million paid the Obamacare fine in 2016. So if you believe this lie, 6.5 million people who can't afford insurance get to pay for 13 million, most of whom gained coverage thru Medicaid.

Shouldn't this be a shared burden amongst us all? People who get employer proved health insurance don't pay 100% of their monthly premium, most pay only 20%. Yet 6.5 million are expected to pay 100% of their premiums to save 13 million, most of whom pay little or nothing for their coverage?

In other words, the mandate was never about providing health insurance to those who pay the fine, it was about using them to pay for others.

It's time this mandate is repealed so it's no longer a burden on so many. Once repealed, it will open the door to real healthcare reform. Time for the GOP to keep those promises.

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