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Matto: Wyoming needs better leadership

Matto: Wyoming needs better leadership



Well here we are, with some jackhandle from Florida coming to Wyoming to tell us who and how to vote, the way he wants you to. Florida has too many problems to tell anybody else how to run their state. Rep. Cheney did what she thought was morally right in impeaching Donny. Congrats. He did incite an insurrection and must be held accountable. But if the Republican Senate refuses to convict him, it will set a precedent that will get ugly. The new standard will be if you loose an election that you burn down the country, riot, murder and do everything you can to make sure your successor does not succeed. Just what Donny J. has done. Support Cheney. Now on the other hand, we come to Barrasso and Lummis. Barrasso is ducking for cover big time. He used to stand behind Mitch McConnell just in case Mitch needed anything. Now that Trump is on the war path Dr. John is hiding out.That leaves Sen. Lummis. She declared her allegiance to QAnon before she was ever sworn in to office, and then supported the insurrection. She never had an original thought or an idea the whole time she was our representative to Congress. What happened to the days when we had real statesmen to represent our state? We need new leaders in the mold of Gale McGee, Malcolm Wallop, Craig Thomas, Teno Rancallio and John Wold. God help us all.



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