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McDowell: Do not support The Patriot Conservatives of Wyoming

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The July 16 mail in Buffalo brought us another nasty campaign piece of garbage from the recently “renamed” (why?) “Patriot Conservatives of Wyoming." This picture postcard of lies appears to be slamming Johnson County Commissioner Bill Novotny and Representative Liz Cheney as being soulmates because of their support for our Constitution and rule of law as being too moderate. And even though their individual campaigns have nothing to do with each other, Cheney and Novotny’s integrity, honesty and willingness to work for the good of our country and county are exactly why we should vote them back into office.

Buffalo and Wyoming are being infested with radical far right people (the “Red Wave”) that are trying to change our generally moderate conservative politics into a very radical, anti-everything (except their personal government benefits, of course), hard-right state.

I don’t usually align with Republican Party goals, but this being my native home, I’ve always been confident that even though GOP will usually dominate, the folks elected typically treat us all equally, without malice and try to govern for the overall good of our state and citizens. These far-right groups have a much more severe agenda that is not “the Wyoming way," and their radical interests truly threaten our good way of life. Wyoming voters should understand what is happening and strongly resist it. The critical first step is to be sure none of your votes go to a member, or supporter, of The Patriot Conservatives of Wyoming.



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