McNamara: Every day is a gift

McNamara: Every day is a gift



Many of us are struggling to cope with this new reality — Coronavirus! Together we are in a collective disruption. Most of us have not encountered such a phenomenon in our lifetimes. For this, there is no road map, no certainty.

We are needing to find new ways to be together while also making sense of being apart. How do we figure out how to manage our own selves, our own feelings and ways of being in this strange time, how to be in a relationship to one another and what it means to be part of something bigger?

In this time of uncertainty, when stress and possibly worry, grief and anger inevitably increase, it can be helpful to have some ways to help bring us a sense of calm and peace.

So how might we achieve a sense of calm and peace? First, calm and peace comes when we understand that we need to live, not just exist but to live, more in the present.

To not be present is to be torn between two worlds, the past and the future, neither of which exist. To constantly reside in this state prevents us from enjoying life and finding a good measure of happiness.

Second, calm often emerges when we give some thought to "who am I?" We might consider that we are stardust that somehow emerged as a unique human being. And beyond the scientific explanation, our life is a gift and remains a mystery. For that reason, inner peace is about knowing who we are, where we came from and how we got here.

Third, we are here today because those who loved us and mentored us learned that survival depended on people doing the right thing and having each other's back. Today our survival still depends on that, as does our inner peace and sense of well-being.

Finally, if we want our hearts to be more open, celebrate being alive, express gratitude and demonstrate increased wonder and joy every day in thought, word and deed.



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